Sister skiing solo for the south pole


This is the super plan for the South Pole.

Johanna will got to the middle of the Southern hemisphere, and back. Never before has any Swede gone to the South Pole without a return ticket.


The work out begins on a solo tour during winter in Finnmark and a buddy tour across Svalbard in spring. That will make her fit for Antarctica in the autumn 2016.


It was a Norwegian guy, Roald Amundsen, who was the first to reach the South Pole a long time ago. About a century later it is Johanna’s turn to make polar history.


The luggage is pretty heavy, more then a hundred kilos. Johanna will talk to some sponsors and test some equipment before she is done packing.

The adventurer of the year is heading out again.

Johanna Davidsson 2014 och 2016.


Johanna Davidsson is a sister who is built for this expedition.
A strong, sweet and cheerful skibum who has the South Pole in her sight.

In Swedish the nickname for a nurse is sister. So, Johanna is a professional sister, a little sister and a solo sister. As a female adventurer she strives to inspire other women and girls to go out to explore. While doing so, she doesn't want her or her fellow sisters to be defined as girl adventures. They are adventurers and Johanna has gone further then most women and men. Her strenght lies in her desire to be outdoors. Johanna was primarely drawn to the French Alps, where she was shaped by several ski seasons. She cintinued to enjoyed the white plains, ski hills and ice caps and educated herself in the Nordic landscape. Her life was based in outdorsy hubs like Storuman, Umeå and Tromsø. The ski tours and mountain trips became a build-up for a Greenland expedition in 2014. She crossed the ice sheet together with one of her big sisters and they became the first Swedes to cover that distance. An award winning expedition, which made them the Swedish Adventurers of the year. This time the sister is going on her own, as a solo sister. But she is doing this expeditions for her fellow sisters as well. For the professional ones and the adventuruos ones.

  • Skiing

    Ski instructor, kite trainer and mountain guide. She went through Hardangervidda on skis and crossed Greenland with kite, from the south to the north. 2 300 km in 36 days.

  • Kayaking

    Paddled along the Swedish and Finnish coast. 3660 km in 92 days. But she was not totally solo, a buddy kayaked the opposite way and they did a high-five half way.

  • Climbing

    Leisure climber who is exploring the nearby mountain walls outside of Tromsø. And sometimes she is venturing a little bit further to the climbing paradise of Lofoten.

  • Sailing

    Johanna has been sailing as well. Once she crossed the Indian Ocean, from Indonesia to Cape Town. When she was a rib boat guide in the Sognefjord she used a motor however.

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Outdorsy people who are supporting the South Pole expedition.
Lars Ebbesen
Polar expert
The adventure coach with extreme knowledge and experience of the polar regions. Lars has done all types of expeditions, including the South Pole 1994, and will make sure that Johanna is all charged up and ready to go.
Trude Berge Ottersen
Film creator
The documentary filmmaker who will capture all the South Pole preparation in the hoods of Tromsø. Trude is a hiker and has previously been filming in extreme conditions, like documenting seal hunting on the icy sea between Greenland and Iceland.
Hanna Mi Jakobson
The multimedia journalist who is running the webpage and updating the South Pole blog. Hanna is the editor in chief of a bike magazine, lives on the cycling island of Gotland and goes for adventures on a touring bicycle.
Anna Lovehed
The still photographer who will capture Johanna in snowy photo-ops. Anna is a climber who is studying nature photography on the picturesque island of Lofoten. Her photos will be used by the press, on the webpage and in a book.
Dennis Svärd
Media contact
The PR-guy and press person who connects Johanna with media and sponsors. Dennis brings the Public Relations outdoor and is working with succesful adventurers and spreads their joy.


Sweet things said about Johanna and her skills.

The nurse is putting her skis on and takes a stand with her sisters!


Follow the ski tracks towards the South Pole 2016. These are the updates of progress.


Reach Johanna by writing something nice in the white fields.