Sweet solitude

So, do I feel lonely now after one month with myself? Eh, no. I never think that so many people has known what I’m up to. People I know and people I don’t know,  are cheering and following this trip of mine. I think there are people that are much more lonelier than me. I[…]

Half way already

Yeay!! I’m half way! I passed 85 degrees yesterday morning. And I am not only celebrating half way, I also took a celebration shot of whiskey as I did 37 kilometers in one day. Crazy. When I was training in Svalbard we hardly did more than 20 kilometers and then I even had a dog[…]

Smelly times

I guess I don’t smell like sweet flowers! After 19 days on the move it’s time to change socks and underwear. And with a good wash with wet wipes and a dash of Chanel No 5 I will feel like a new person. Today, besides getting fresh, I’m taking half a day off. So nice[…]