Amazing Patagonia

After two months skiing in Antarctica I changed the flat landscape to steep mountains in Patagonia. In the beginning of this year I met up with my friend Kjersti to climb in the Argentinan mountains close to the border of Chile for the next five weeks. We stayed in the little village El Chaltén and[…]

Jag håller expeditionskurs

bild: Hans Honold Jag och min kompis Karin tänkte ta med ett gäng ut på fjället och lära de allt vi kan om vintercamping, sova i snöhåla, lavinkunskap, undgå frostskador, navigering och en massa annat nyttigt och bra. Vi hoppas på norsk påskstämning som betyder soligt väder, sitta i en solgrop och äta apelsin (om[…]

Speaking in September

photo: Team Hawaii, illustration from SoloSister book September has been a busy month with a lot of fun events in Sweden and Norway. The SoloSister book came along of course and I’ve been writing many adventure messages to all of you who have bought our book. Thank you to all of you who came and[…]