Amazing Patagonia

After two months skiing in Antarctica I changed the flat landscape to steep mountains in Patagonia. In the beginning of this year I met up with my friend Kjersti to climb in the Argentinan mountains close to the border of Chile for the next five weeks. We stayed in the little village El Chaltén and[…]

Antarctica and a new partner

Photo: Kyle O’Donoghue One more season in Antarctica has passed. This time I was not working for ALE as I’ve done the last two seasons. This year I guided Robert Swan to the South Pole from Theil’s about 550 km for 43 days. We where a great little group of Robert, Kyle who filmed and[…]

Soon book- and speech tour

The summer has gone past pretty fast with a lot of time in the mountains. I’ve had some super nice trips climbing with super friends in places like Lofoten, Chamonix, Bohuslän and at home in Tromsø. Soon Iäm leaving for a month of book- and speech tour from the north to the very south in[…]

Jag håller expeditionskurs

bild: Hans Honold Jag och min kompis Karin tänkte ta med ett gäng ut på fjället och lära de allt vi kan om vintercamping, sova i snöhåla, lavinkunskap, undgå frostskador, navigering och en massa annat nyttigt och bra. Vi hoppas på norsk påskstämning som betyder soligt väder, sitta i en solgrop och äta apelsin (om[…]

Vertical adventure

In October I left the rain in northern Norway and went to sunny California in the States. My goal was the big walls in Yosemite. It was really cool to spend a night on the big walls under the stars and climb at a place with such a long climbing history. We climbed both free[…]

Speaking in September

photo: Team Hawaii, illustration from SoloSister book September has been a busy month with a lot of fun events in Sweden and Norway. The SoloSister book came along of course and I’ve been writing many adventure messages to all of you who have bought our book. Thank you to all of you who came and[…]

Ambassador for Female Adventurers

I’m very happy to be one of the ambassador for this good and healthy organization. In the team there are women that take amazing outdoor photos, cook delicious outdoor food and who inspires to follow your heart. Check out the website to read more about these fantastic people. I hope we can inspire other people to[…]

The book tour went really well !

The book tour started at home in Normlösa with family and neighbors then continued to Stockholm with bubbles and live interview. After a few stops at different places in Sweden with the new SoloSister book I’ve landed in Tromsø to continue the book tour here. Me and Hanna are very happy with the book result[…]