10 October, 2015


What Johanna brought with her

This is all about the equipment, Johanna needed to keep it light, but right. She had been testing tent, clothes, stove, camera, food, first-aid-kit, satelite phones and all the things that was supposed to fit in the pulka of choice. And this packing list was the result, adding up to about 110 kilos with food and fuel. The kite equipment, and one of the paperback books,  was however only used on the way back and Johanna picked it up from a depot at the South Pole.

Camping gear Brand Model Number Weight
Tent + extra zipper Hilleberg Nammatj 2GT 3700 g
Snowpoles Hilleberg 10 543 g
Extra tentpoles Hilleberg 490 g
Mattress 2 Ridgrest + 1 Therm-a-rest 3 1210 g
Bag for sleeping bag and mattress Pitoraq Arctic Bedding 340 g
Sleeping bag Western Mountainering Puma 1480 g
Silk sheet 161 g
Camp shoes Hemmagjorda 1000 g
Shovel 520 g
Brush for tent 90 g
Spoon Sea to summit 2 20 g
Plate Sea to summit 270 g
Isolation plate Hemmagjorda 35 g
Cup Sea to summit 122 g
Camp stove MSR Whisperlite 2 450 g
Wind protection MSR 41 g
Handle for saucepan MSR 48 g
Pump MSR 3 160 g
Fuel bottle 591ml MSR 2 326 g
Fuel bottle 887ml MSR 3 531 g
Wooden plate  
Saucepan MSR 2 liter 400 g
Saucepan with lid MSR 3 liter 140 g
Matches 5 boxes
Funnel to petrol 8 g
Large thermos Thermos 1 liter 517 g
Small thermos Thermos 0,5 liter 336 g
Large water bottle Nalgene  1 liter 180 g
Small water bottle Nalgene  0,5 liter 92 g
Isolation for bottle Hemmagjord 54 g
Different types of clothes
Down jacket Bergans Expedition Parka 940 g
Down pants Haglöfs 580 g
Thin down jacket Haglöfs Essens III 130 g
Thin down west Haglöfs L.I.M Essence 120 g
Dermizax-jacket Bergans Arctic Expedition
Fur collar Coyote
Dermizax-pants Bergans Arctic Expedition 800 g
Wool netting, upper body Aclima
Thin wool jumper Haglöfs Actives Merino 2
Thicker wool jumper Devold Signature 2
Very thick wool jumper Devold Expedition
Wool jacket Devold Randers
Wool netting, lower body Aclima 2
Fleece pants Haglöfs
Thin wool pants Haglöfs
Isolation skirt Haglöfs Barrier skirt
Fleece shorts Houdini
Wool panties Bergans 4
Thick wool socks Homemade
More thick wool socks Smartwool 3 pair
Thin wool socks Smartwool 2 pair
Sport bra Aclima/Icebreaker 2
On head and hands
Warm wool hat Svalbard
Warm wool buff Svalbard
Thin buff
Thin wool hat Haglöfs
Goggles Scott 2 160 g
Sunglasses Cébé Proguide 2
Face protection Skinnarmo
Mittens Hestra Army Leather heli ski 2
Felted mittens Homemade 210 g
Fleece gloves Hestra Windshield Liners
Thin gloves Hestra Heavy Merino
More thin gloves Hestra Power Strech
Extra gloves Hestra Swisswool Merino liner
Wrist gaiters Houdini
Wrist watch Suunto Core
Skis and stuff
Ski Åsnes Liv Arnesen 2175 g
Ski for kite Åsnes Tind 76 2520 g
Long skins (Liv) Åsnes Skifell 210/45 306 g
Short skins (Liv) Åsnes Kortfell 45mm 95 g
Long skins(Tind) Åsnes Skifell 210/60
Short skins (Tind) Åsnes Kortfell 60mm
Skipoles Åsnes Horgi 2-delt 1 pair 500 g
Extra poles Åsnes Spidsbergen 1 pair 150 g
Extra trins Åsnes 54 g
Binding Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0
Extra binding Rottefella BC Magnum 230 g
Extra binding Plum Guide binding 408 g
Shoes ALFA Polar A/S/A 1990 g
Skiboots Scarpa Maestrale 3200 g
Over boots Forty Below 450 g
Soles Rain Deer 62 g
Heel lifter Steget Videres skomakeri
Wool slippers For skiboots 230 g
Plastic bags 8 85 g
Pulka and kiting things
Plastic pulka Fjellpulken Transporter 2 8000 g
Bag for pulka Pitoraq 1
Main pulka Fjellpulken Expedition 188cm 9000 g
Pulling harness Fjellpulken 350 g
Rope for pulka 3 meters 155 g
Kite rope for pulka 10 meters
Elastic rope
Elastic slings 3 380 g
Carabines 7 231 g
Screw carabin 1 56 g
Ice screws Grivel 2 360 g
Ski sail Berenger sails CS 6 m2 1675 g
Ski sail Berenger sails CS 10 m2 2360 g
Carabines for ski sail 2 160 g
Kite Ozone Frenzy 13 m2 2065 g
Kite Ozone Frenzy 7 m2 1555 g
Kitebar Ozone 1110 g
Extra slings Ozone 3 233 g
Harness for kite Slinging Rock 1360 g
Helmet K2 500 g
Wind bag Hilleberg 315 g
Bag for waist Lowe Alpine 220 g
Accessories and repair kit
Paperback books 2
Writing books 2
Deck of cards
Alarm clock Suunto
Multi tool Leatherman
Steel wire
Duck tejp
Rope 1,5mm 5 meters
Rope 3mm 3 meters
Goretex textile
Sewing needle
Thick sling
Hand drill
2-components glue
Plastic strips
Shrink tubing
Nails and bolts
Lines for ski sail
Textile for kite and ski sail
Screws for skibinding
Screws for dynafit binding
Electric tejp
Hose clamp
Neopren textile
Extra mattress material
Small carbines  3
Extra straps
Toilet rolls 7
Peeing funnel  Funnel King 55 g
Peeing bottle Nalgene
Technological stuff
Satelite phone Iridium Extreme
Extra phone Iridium GO
InReach Delorme InReach SE
Solar charger Powermonkey Extreme 12V
Extra solar charger Powermonkey Explorer Micro USB
GPS Garmin eTrex Vista HCx
GPS Garmin Map 62
Compass Custom made for South Pole 2
Compass tripod Nordenmark
Mp3 player With music and audio books 2
iPod With recordings from loved ones
SLR camera Canon EOS M3
Compact camera Canon PowerShot D30
Memory card 4 x 64GB
Tripod Monkey
Audio recorder Zoom
Headphones 2
Different types of charging cables
Lithium batteries 20
Camera batteries 8+8
Food and goodies
Breakfast Blå Band Outmeals 20 port 143g
Lunch Blå Band Outmeals 40 port 143g
Dinner Blå Band Outmeals 70 port 143g
Breakfast Homemade   50 port 250g
Lunch Homemade Eide Handel 30 port 200g
Butter 25g/meal   140 port 25g
Nutcream Outmeals 60 18g
Cerealbar cookie Outmeals 50 50g
Cerealbar caramel Outmeals 10 50g
Snickersbomb 60 35g
Fruitbar 20 20g
Lots of chocolate 6940g
Lots of crisps 650g
Lots of biscuits 2870g
Mixed nuts 7540g
Cacao 70 28g
Energy powder 26 40g
Coffee 100g
Tea 90 bags
Berry toddy 10
Several spices
Whiskey 250 ml
First aid and hygeine stuff
Painkiller and
Paracetamol 1g 60 tbl
Naproxen 500mg 50 tbl
Ibux 400mg 23tbl
Voltaren 50 mg 25 tbl
Strong painkillers Tramadol 50 mg 10 tbl
Ketogan supp 5
Antibiotics Azitromax 500mg 6 tbl
Bactrim 40 tbl
Allergy Atarax 15 tbl
Eye cream Klorafenikol 1
Eye anaesthetic Oxybuprocain 4
Atropin 8
Tooth filling Cavit 1
Diarrea Imodium 8 tbl
Obstipation Movicol 2 x powder
Nausea Afipran 4 tbl
Fungus Diflucan 2
Cold asthma Ventoline
Stomach Somac
Wounds Hydrocortison
Burns Flamazin
Skin cream Elisabeth Arden
Zink cream
Suncream 50
Suncream 30
Bandage 2
Sterile gauze 2
Compeed 12
Sports tejp
Elastic sports tejp
Plaster 1 set
Strips 8
Antibact servietts 20
Needle and string 2 kit
Syringe 2
Injection needle
Plastic gloves 4 pairs
Compress 8
Vaseline compress  Jelonet 2
Scissors Leatherman
Safety pins 6
Wet wipes 50
Other wet wipes 30
Panty protection 60
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Daily contact lenses 60
Contact lens container
Contact lens fluid 50 ml
Monthly contact lenses 2 pairs