21 September, 2018


Eli, Ellinor and Johanna wanted a climbing adventure and looked at a map of the world. They decided to climb big walls in Kyrgyzstan. Karavshin valley is known as ”Patagonia of Asia” and that sounded tempting. They got to experience the culture of Kyrgyzstan, control of passports in the middle of the mountains, steep paths with heavy backpacks, unexpected bivouac in small ledges and bad stomachs… Down in the valley their only company where cows and big impressive vertical walls.


The three women also made a first ascent of the mountain Babashata’s south face. The mountain is the highest by the village Arslanbob in the west part of Kyrgyzstan. This climb turned out to be an epic adventure. During their stay in Arslanbob they visited the local hospital and the muslim school where they shared their experiences with the curious kids.