Amazing Patagonia

After two months skiing in Antarctica I changed the flat landscape to steep mountains in Patagonia. In the beginning of this year I met up with my friend Kjersti to climb in the Argentinan mountains close to the border of Chile for the next five weeks. We stayed in the little village El Chaltén and made climbing trips into the mountains. We packed our backpacks as light as we could but they where still heavy with climbing equipment, camping kit and food for two or three days. The approaches to the climbing in Patagonia are long and steep. But we got the award when we from the top of a mountain could see the cool view of mountains like Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, valleys with glaciers and the ice cape of Patagonia.

The weather in Patagonia is brutal. I got to experience the strongest winds that pushed me down on the ground and horisontal rain. Despite the crazy weather we got to go up in the mountains more than once. The yellow granit was as good as people had told us. We had prepared ourselves to climb rock and not snow and ice but realized that things like that cannot be decided before. This season in Patagonia was not a good season for only rock climbing, better for mixed climbing on snow and ice. Therefor we challenged ourselves for our last trip and climbed a mixed snow and ice couloir. The classic Amy-Vidailhet couloir that took us up on top of the mountain Guillaumet a few hours before our bus left from El Chaltén and time to go home. I learnt a lot in the amazing mountains of Patagonia and I loved the place!