Change of route

The team and I have a new idea. So the expedition route is changed. It means that the distance from the starting point to the South Pole will be shorter, but the adventure will be much longer then the original plan. Because I have decided to go to the pole AND back to the coast.

ny horisont

I will start from a place called Hercules Inlet, and just like plan A, I will ski from the coast to the South Pole without any support or assistance. The journey to the pole is 1150 kilometres long and will take about 50 days. This new route is a little bit shorter then plan A, but it means an even longer adventure with additional time and distance. Plan B means that I will turn around once I reach the South Pole and head out to the starting point again. And on my return trip I will go by kite and ski sail. Once I get to the pole there will be a package there for me, with kites, ski sail, some kite-friendly skis and a stash with food and stove fuel. The winds should be more favorable as I head back, as it usually blows from the platau and back to the coast. All in all, we believe that the new route will take me about 70 days for a total of 2300 kilometers. Which means more adventure for me.