8 November, 2015


The Super South Pole Strategy in 5 steps.

  1. Do some solo training in the snow landscape of Finnmark i northern Norway in February 2016. CHECK
  2. Cross the Norwegian islands of Svalbard together with a friend in April 2016. CHECK
  3. Get ready and go to Punta Arenas for the Chilean summer 24 October 2016. CHECK Take a flight from there when the weather is nice.
  4. Switch to a smaller air plane that  will land right at the starting point at Hercules Inlet. Put a pair of skis on by the coast in 15 November 2016 and head out solo for the South Pole. CHECK Hopefully arriving before Christmas. CHECK
  5. Pick up the stash of kites, ski sail and kite-friendly skiis at the depot by the South Pole. Turn around and head back to the starting point. Smooth sailing for 12 days. CHECK

This is the first Swedish expedition going to the South Pole and back again. Johanna did not get any additional help from the wind by using any kite or sail on her way to the pole. The expedition required good planning, training and competence. There was only  one solo sister and her equipment on the ice.  No Swedish woman had never before gone on her own to the South Pole. The plan was that Johanna would be the first. And so it was. She also became the fastest in the world.

aprikoscitatI am certain that you have dreams in life. That we all do. Something you really want. Something so rewarding that you almost don’t dare to reach it. I have such a goal for next year. The goal is the South Pole and I will do the longest unassisted solo expedition to reach this dream of mine.

/Johanna Davidsson