12 January, 2024


Johanna Davidsson is an outdoor enthusiast and polar adventurer primarily acclaimed for her expeditions in Greenland and Antarctica. In 2014 and 2016, she was named the Female Adventurer of the Year in Sweden. Johanna has a background as a nurse, adventurer, climber, skier, and lecturer.

Getting to where you want in life is about taking small steps towards your goal and not giving up when it gets tough. It’s a bit like skiing to the South Pole, says Johanna. To realize a project in your professional life or a dream in your personal life, you take small steps combined with willpower, persistence, and motivation, and eventually, you’ll get there!”

Johanna shares her expeditions and conveys the will, joy, and passion to reach and achieve her dream. The same mindset can be applied for those aiming to reach their goals. Johanna inspires and motivates by talking about determination, positive thinking, and how to take the small steps that lead you to where you, or your group, want to be.

Johanna's TED talk

In this inspiring TED talk, “What Motivates and Drives Us to Follow Our Dreams?” Johanna shares her experiences and insights on what it takes to pursue one’s dreams. As a nurse and adventurer, Johanna has not only become the first Swedish woman to ski solo to the South Pole but also set speed records and accomplished other impressive feats.

Watch the video if you are ready to be inspired and gain the extra motivation to pursue your own dreams. Johanna shares her journey and provides insightful advice on working hard, staying positive, and believing in your idea. Perhaps her story can be the catalyst for taking the step to embark on your own adventure?

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