Antarctica again!

photo: Hans Honold

I just came back from my third winter (or maybe I should say summer?) in Antarctica. Again it’s been a fantastic two months in the white paradise. I’ve been working as a field guide for Antarctic Logistics&Expeditions for the second season. I was lucky to get to go to Mount Vinson base camp and work as a ranger. I spent ten days on the mountain and went to the summit twice. Very cool to be in the middle of Ellsworth Mountain range surrounded by beautiful mountains. To get a good contrast I also guided a group the last degree to the South Pole. Totally flat for hundreds of kilometers and no mountains around.

Apart from climbing mount Vinson and skiing to the South Pole for the 4th time I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Both guests and colleagues. I think I’m a lucky girl to be able to experience all these cool things and this time I don’t have to spend one million kroner 😉