Antarctica and a new partner

Photo: Kyle O’Donoghue

One more season in Antarctica has passed. This time I was not working for ALE as I’ve done the last two seasons. This year I guided Robert Swan to the South Pole from Theil’s about 550 km for 43 days. We where a great little group of Robert, Kyle who filmed and took photos (this one) and the other guide Kathinka. Unfortunately Robert had a bad fall and got his hip dislocated and had to be evacuated. Kyle, Kathinka and myself continued to the South Pole and met Robert’s son with a group on the last degree. We skied together for the last 8 days before reaching the Pole on January the 13th. I’ve skied to that little silver bowl five times now, OMG. Anyway, Antarctica was again fantastic with a white christmas, celebrating my birthday in the tent somewhere at the 86th degree south with ballons, cake and presents.

One great thing that happen before leaving to Antarctica was that Klättermusen asked me if I was interested in working with them. Of course I was. So now I can proudly say that we are partners or what I shall call us. To brag about them I can tell that they won three ISPO Gold Awards and the Sustainability Achievement Award 2020. They are good!