Half way already


Yeay!! I’m half way! I passed 85 degrees yesterday morning. And I am not only celebrating half way, I also took a celebration shot of whiskey as I did 37 kilometers in one day. Crazy.

When I was training in Svalbard we hardly did more than 20 kilometers and then I even had a dog helping me to pull the pulka. I’m kind of surprised that I am doing this many kilometers. One part of me think it’s fun to see how far I can go and push it. The other part of me wants to enjoy this adventure as long as possible. But when I really want something and think it’s fun I’m getting very eager and just want to go, go, go!

One thought on “Half way already”

  • Hurraaaa! Denne breddegrader står tryggere enn på banken, ingen som tar dette fra deg; livslang rente! Grattis!

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