Kiting closer and closer

Here I am, trying to keep my kite in the air while taking a selfie.  Yesterday, the wind was really good in the morning and then it faded away. I had to have many breaks on the pulka, but it is not so bad in the sun and now when I am lower in altitude and closer to the coast it’s so warm, maybe only minus 10 degrees. I still did one full degree of distance and only have 240 kilometers left to Hercules Inlet. My starting point and also my final goal.

kite selfie

Getting closer I am thinking about what it will be like to end this expedition and go home. Whenever I’ll miss the white big landscape  I will visit Fjällnäs, a hotel in the Swedish mountains. It is a place near home with surroundings like this, with living arrangements and provisions that are a lot more luxurious then my tent and camping food. A big thank you to Henrik and Fjällnäs for believing in my South Pole adventure and supporting it!

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