Solitude on the ice

The red dot is my palace. It’s me, my skis, my pulka and this red tent. I really think it’s so nice with peace and quiet. I almost sound like an old lady. But it is so nice to just have time to think with no disturbance. No internet, no facebook, no instagram or no e-mail. Except fore my Iridium Go, like an old modem that gives me the opportunity to send this text and a small size picture. I wouldn’t like to live like this for ever. But I know that pretty much the rest of my life will be in the normal, busy, world. So for now, I’m enjoying my peace and quiet out here.


One thought on “Solitude on the ice”

  • Tenker på deg Johanna! Borte fra alt det kreisie som virker å foregå rundt i verden akkurat nå. Nyt freden og stillheten! Vi er med deg 🙂 <3

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