To all the nurses

This one is for all my sisters and collegues! And to all nurses out there, sisters and brothers, you are doing a great job. Keep it up and I will soon join you again. Family, friends and collegues have recorded audio messages that I can listen to during the trip and today I heard some voices from health professionals. So, to answer my collegues audio questions:

Marianne: You don’t need to worry about my peeing. It’s going excellent with my “multi-purpose-funnel”.
Kevin; Sorry to make you disapointed but I havn’t seen a suicidal penguine. Not yet.

That’s all from Solo Sister to all the other sisters.

yo sisters

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  • Hahahah, har ikke sett dette for nå! Bra tissinga gikk fint ? Du e rå Johanna, gratulere så masse 🙂

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