For you to follow

Only one week to go and then I will leave the north and continue as south as possible. To make sure that you will follow I am trying to get a grip of all the technological gear. Satelite phone number 1 to keep in touch with the bases on Antartica, Sweden and Norway. Satelite number 2 as a back-up-phone that I also will be sending pixel-photographs with. And phone number 3 to send text messages with, that would also be hooked up with the smart phone that I will bring. Och then there are all the chords and solar chargers to make it work. But when it does work you will be able to check my coordinates on a map. Get live reports in maximum 160 characters to Solosisters facebook, check out low resolution action shots on my instagram and keep updated with the posts here on the blog. The adventure is coming up. So keep up with me!